Monday, April 7, 2014

Edible Posy

Not only does it look beautiful, but the flavours are wonderful.
a posy of edible plants
The shoots comprising this posy are Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Nine Star Perennial Broccoli, shoots and flowers of old collards.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Green Growth

The mild weather continues and we benefit from wonderful growth on the Daubenton's kale. This is an old Victorian perennial form of kale. The leaves are nicely soft and tender which means it is quite lovely eaten raw in salads and even as part of a sandwich!

To boost the growth I regularly fed it with dilute urine, starting from the middle of  February. The dilution was about one third urine to two thirds water, watered at the roots on a weekly basis.

Mind anywhere else in the country where the likely of heavy frosts it may be better to start this in mid March. Here in Pembrokeshire with the much milder conditions we can get away with encouraging new soft growth earlier.

daubentons kale plant Healthy tender leaves on the Daubenton's kale.